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5 money saving travel tips for 2017

 Get back on track in 2017 with money saving tips you NEED to know

5 money saving travel tips for 2017

By Monica on 01 December, 2016

An estimated 75% of Britons go over budget during the festive season, leaving many people dipping into their savings in the New Year.


If you’re want to save more in 2017, then don’t worry - Financial Experts on JustAnswer can help you find big savings in your budget. For example, most people prefer to book their summer holidays in January. JustAnswer has excellent tips on how to save money booking flights – and what tricks the airlines use to get you to pay more.


5 ways to save on airline tickets

  • Prices often rise when you search online as airlines want you to incentivise you into making a quick booking. For the best deals - clear your cookies before each search, or open up a separate incognito window.
  • Using Skyscanner or Kayak will give you better flight prices than websites such as Expedia. A simple Google search may also produce discount coupons you can use for further money off.
  • Be flexible on your departure date. If it’s possible, you can save a lot of money by flying on a Tuesday than say Saturday.
  • Remember, not all airlines appear on aggregator search sites, especially budget airlines. If you have a brand in mind, check out them out in a separate tab. 
  • If you want the assurance of a travel agent, then you can always find a price online and take it to them and see if they can match it. Chances are they will be able to.

…and three travel industry tricks that can end up costing you

  • Follow the small print with budget airlines – for example, you may need to print your own ticket; or you may need to keep strictly within your luggage allowance. You WILL be charged if you don’t keep to the small print.
  • You may be tempted by the promise of a big discount – but is the advertised price the best you can find? Often, it isn’t. Keep looking until you are happy with the bottom-line price you find.
  • If you book a holiday through an operator, you often see “three nights for the price of two” offers. These often provide great value – but you might be able to get a cheaper price if you go to a hotel directly.  Also you may find that Friday and Saturday nights are excluded.

From cutting flight and travel costs to changing your energy tariff, let JustAnswer put some s[arkle back into your budget this year.