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Avoid having the holiday from hell this year!

Avoid having the holiday from hell this year! - JustAnswer

Avoid having the holiday from hell this year!

By Monica on 25 July, 2016

You’ve booked your holiday villa, you’ve communicated with the owner, planned your route, and you’re looking forward to arriving, unpacking and jumping straight into that beautifully inviting pool.

But there’s often an element of the unknown – will everything really be as described? We’ve all watched the programmes and heard stories of disappointments and issues from friends and family.

Many cottage and villa owners will have their own contract, or work under the standard contract of a larger body or agent advertising holiday rentals. But there are also many cottage owners who rely on the equivalent of a handshake. This can work – but what happens if something goes wrong?

Have you paid a deposit, and want to make sure you get it back? Are you covered for minor damages? What’s the difference between damage and wear and tear? Would you be liable in the event of a fire or other incident? What equipment can you use?

Legal Experts on the JustAnswer platform can answer your holiday rental contract questions, and even draft out a contract for you – so the only coverage you have to worry about on holiday this year is sunscreen!  

Let JustAnswer take the worry out of your holiday, so all you and your family have to do is enjoy yourselves.