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Why use JustAnswer?

By Monica on 19 October, 2016

 How JustAnswer works?

1. Ask an Expert
Doctor, Lawyers, Mechanics and more are ready to hel you 24/7.

2. Name your price
Save time and money over in-person visits. 100% money back-guarantee.

3. Talk...

JustAnswer Membership

What could you do with a JustAnswer Membership?

By Monica on 11 July, 2016

With JustAnswer on your side, you can transform your life.  

Call upon Experts anywhere, anytime for fast, personalised answers and support in all areas.  

Need some guidance on a legal question? JustAnswer has certified, qualified legal Experts ready to help you.   If it’s help...

Help your family and friends with JustAnswer

Help your family and friends with JustAnswer

By Monica on 04 May, 2016

Do you have family members in need of fast, accurate answers, 24/7?Get verified Expert answers for your friends and family today. 

Everyone thinks you are a good friend – but even a...

JustAnswer Teams up with Warm Wishes!

JustAnswer Teams up with Warm Wishes!

By Monica on 11 December, 2015

It’s holiday time, and we’re thinking about other people and our mission to help the world.

JustAnswer employees were more than happy to spend the last Saturday assembling “street packs” for the homeless community.

The fun (and giving) doesn’t stop there – we will...

Andy Kurtzig

The JustAnswer Story

By Monica on 15 October, 2015

JustAnswer began in San francisco, the same way many other Bay Area companies began - a young entrepreneur, a problem, an idea to solve the problem, and a spare bedroom.

The entrepreneur was Andy Kurtzig, son of legendary businesswoman Sandra Kurtzig. The problem was that, when Andy´s...