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10 tips for minimizing surprise debts

10 tips for minimizing surprise debts

Even though we know some events are coming, especially ones that happen every year, somehow or other time flies by so fast that many people rarely plan for them financially. Not planning for yearly events and or having some slack in your budget for financial surprises can be a costly mistake....

Saving for your retirement - Ask JustAnswer

Saving for your retirement

By Monica on 31 May, 2016

We will all need money in retirement, when we may no longer be able or want to work. Figures show that millions of people in the UK are not saving enough to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement – or even saving at all.  

It can be daunting thinking about saving for retirement,...

Travel - Passport

Passport and Identity

By Monica on 11 January, 2016

What is a passport?

The passport is a personal identification document, which a person uses to travel to another country and to verify their identity and nationality. On the other hand, the passport also serves to control the entry and exit of holder incumbent to and from...