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How to protect your pet on Bonfire Night

How to protect your pet on Bonfire Night

By Monica on 05 November, 2015

Fireworks Night is coming up fast – and that means your pet may need even more cosseting than usual.

Bright lights and big bangs can really stress out your pet.  Every year around this time, vets see an increase in stressed animals needing medication, and shelters find themselves full with cats and dogs that have run away from their homes.

Most animals have far sharper hearing than humans.  Noises that barely register with us can stress animals considerably more.

How to help small pets (gerbils, mice, rabbits, etc)

  • If possible bring your pet’s hutch or cage indoors, into a quiet room.
  • Provide extra bedding so that your pet can burrow down and feel safe.
  • Consider covering cages with a blanket or duvet to provide the illusion of a quiet night.

Cats and dogs

  • Keep your animals inside when there are fireworks on, and make sure your dog has been walked during the day, when things are quiet.
  • Close curtains, and put on the TV or radio, to drown out noise and prevent light.
  • Allow your pet to find their own safety if they are stressed – even that means under a table or bed.
  • Never leave your pet alone during fireworks.  Companionship will help them.

Do you still have concerns about how to help your pet on Bonfire Night?  Our qualified Vets are here to help!