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How to stay safe on holiday this year

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How to stay safe on holiday this year

By Monica on 27 June, 2016

We’re sure you’ve been looking forward to your holiday for months.  Now you’ve finally arrived, you want to relax and unwind and enjoy the sun, sea and culture of your destination.  But it’s possible to be so relaxed you lose your natural sense of safety.

Here’s seven tips on staying safe while on holiday this summer:

  • If you’re on holiday with a group, have one person each night on “sober” duty. They can keep on the others, watch drinks, and generally be a safeguard.
  • Never linger in isolated areas alone – even in daylight – if you don’t know the place you’re in thoroughly.
  • Don’t leave valuables in a hotel safe – they are too easy to break into.
  • When you arrive at your hotel or destination, try to get some local knowledge – ask your hotel receptionist, for example, about transport options, and safe areas to visit.
  • Never, ever leave valuables unattended even for a second.
  • Don’t go off alone with people you’ve only just met.
  • Keep money, credit and debit cards, and passport in a money pouch – ideally one you can conceal under your clothes.
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