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How to survive planning your wedding

How to survive planning your wedding

How to survive planning your wedding

By Nicola Jewell on 30 October, 2015

Wedding planning should be a happy time, right?  You are about to make a commitment to a person you truly love, and everything should be golden…and yet.  You are stressed all the time about finding a venue, the guest list, the table plan, and the bridesmaids.  You can’t find the right dress, or the right band to play.  You’re super-interested, and your spouse-to-be only cares about getting the right beer or the music.  People keep saying “Oh, I wouldn’t do it like that…” - and then it’s too late to adjust your plans.

So, how do you survive planning a wedding?  And just as importantly, how does your relationship survive?

Here are a few tips.

  1. Remember, it’s YOUR wedding.  It’s not your mother’s wedding, your mother-in-law’s wedding, your sister’s wedding, or your friends’ or colleagues’ weddings.  It’s YOUR wedding.  You need to do what makes you and your partner happy.
  2. If you find the wedding is taking over your lives, take a step back.  Set aside one day during the week to discuss the wedding, and take the time to really connect with each other during the rest of the week.  You’ll feel closer for it.
  3. Try to make big decisions together.  If you book a venue without telling your fiancée, you are storing up some big-time trouble.  You both need to be involved, and you both need to be happy.
  4. Remember that, as important as your wedding is to you, it won’t be quite that important to almost everyone else.  Perspective is important. 
  5. Speaking of perspective…the only thing that really, truly matters is that you are making a public commitment to the person you love.  That is the heart of the wedding day – and nothing else matters NEARLY as much.  No-one will remember if your flowers don’t quite match your tablecloths – but they will remember a happy bride and groom forever.

If you’d like to talk to someone about your relationship, we have counsellors and Relationship Experts available.  Need help on practical wedding matters?  Try our Weddings Experts.