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iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8? What should you choose?

What should you choose?

iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8? What should you choose?

By Monica on 06 September, 2016

You know you want to upgrade your phone for more exciting features – but the choice is overwhelming.  How do you know what to buy?  How do you know how much to spend for the features you want – or even if you have to buy a new whole phone at all?

Electronics Experts on JustAnswer keep up with all the latest tech news.  Find out which rumours about the iPhone 7 are true – will it have wireless charging?  Or edge-to-edge display?  What will storage be?  Will you be able to buy a Plus Package for extra features such as wireless earbuds?  How will wireless features integrate with existing Bluetooth systems?

And it’s not just the iPhone - is the Android system used by Samsung really better than the Apple system?  Many Experts would suggest the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best phone on the market for power and style – and now there’s a Galaxy S8 on the horizon.

If you want to know whether to upgrade your smartphone, or how to get the best out of your existing phone, certified Experts are available on JustAnswer, 24/7, to answer your questions.

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