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The JustAnswer Story

Andy Kurtzig

The JustAnswer Story

By Nicola Jewell on 15 October, 2015

JustAnswer began in San francisco, the same way many other Bay Area companies began - a young entrepreneur, a problem, an idea to solve the problem, and a spare bedroom.

The entrepreneur was Andy Kurtzig, son of legendary businesswoman Sandra Kurtzig. The problem was that, when Andy´s wife was pregnant with their first child, they could not find answers to their many questions when she wanted to find the answers. The solution? The idea tha people would be willing to pay a smal amount for a quality answer to their questions from top-notch, verified Experts at any time of the day and night.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Andy launched JustAnswer in 2003, connecting customers to a range of vetted Experts USA-wide. He launched to an immediate fanfare of positive press.

Thanks to Andy´s vision and hard work, and the hard work of all those employed by the company, JustAnswer is now a multi-million dollar corporation with hundreds of employees, four international sites as well as our foundation USA sites, and approximately 10 000 verified experts in over 700 categories. People can ask questions on any of our sites from 196 different countries and in four languages.

The history doesn´t end there...

JustAnswer take its mission very seriously indeed. Our vision of ourselves is as a company that desires to help the world, not just answer questions, and we strive to do that in any we can.

We are also a company that continually strives to be better, to improve, and therefore continually experiments. We want our sites to provide an unparalleled user experience to our customers. Our constant experimentation means we can adapt quickly to the vagaries of the marketplace.

In 2012, JustAnswer began a process of re-branding to Pearl.com. Upon realising that the JustAnswer brand had a strong consumer base and a lot of loyalty and goodwill, JustAnswer decided to keep their original branding and the strong, simple message it contained. The company has, however, taken all the knowledge gained during the re-branding exercise and brought it to bear on new, updated versions of the JustAnswer websites, improving user experience again.

Why does JustAnswer continue to thrive?

A good idea, strong processes, adaptability and the ability to experiment are not the only reasons for our success. We also credit our employees and Experts - and the sense of values that they all bring to the table.

At JustAnswer potential employees are asked about their values, and matched to JustAnswer´s own set - values that include being humble, having fun, being smart, empathy, and getting things done. Shared values enable people to work happily together as a team, and to pull together towards achieving a shared mission. You can see concrete examples of this in the way that JustAnswer employees come together frequently to engage in voluntary work.

That sense of shared mission, to help the world and especially to help those who need a helping hand, is perhaps the biggest ingredient in JustAnswer´s continued success. We all hope to build upon it.