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Keep the magic alive these holidays

Keep the magic alive these holidays

By Monica on 09 December, 2015

It’s hard to hold on to the magic and wonder of Christmas in the technological age, when it only takes a few clicks for kids to discover the Father Christmas myth and can easily see the Amazon delivery van rolling up with last-minute presents.

So, how do you keep the magic alive?  Here are a few ways to work with technology to bring you a wonderful holiday season full of lovely memories.

NORAD Tracks Santa is one of the oldest traditions now, but they’ve updated their tracker to take new tech into account with a fully interactive website.  Each year on Christmas Eve, there’s a number kids can phone to get a live update on exactly where Santa is around the globe.

A more recent cool idea is “Elf on a Shelf” which plays on the tradition of Santa’s elves.  Imported over from the US, the Elf is beginning to gain some traction in the UK.  The Elf is basically a spy who watches over your child to make sure they are behaving for Santa.  People have started to play around with the idea in a really fun way – check out this recent Metro article, for example.

If you celebrate Chanukkah, have a look at the iGevalt app, which is designed to keep children’s interest in Chanukkah traditions.

Is your child beginning to develop suspicions around Santa?  Watch what happens when one little boy decided to try to catch Santa out.  If you want to try something similar, you could use Capture the Magic to bring Father Christmas into your house.

Do you always make sure to listen to Carols from Kings or other Christmas services?  Children might be keener on this modern carol, sung by Kristen Bell, who played Anna in Frozen.

One area where modern technology wins over old traditions is in spending time with loved ones.  With Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Facebook Video Chat and other apps, you can stay much more closely connected with your nearest and dearest even if you can’t be physically with them.

Technology is making quite an impact on Christmas traditions.  We see it  on Christmas morning in our stockings and under the tree and at dinner.  We’ll all be using it to send holiday greetings, and possibly to begin our sales shopping on Boxing Day.


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