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Make your taxes less taxing

Make your taxes less taxing

Make your taxes less taxing

By Daniel on 09 March, 2017

With the end of the tax year coming up, HMRC will begin sending their self-assessment reminders on April 5th.

Most people who are on a salary will not need to fill out a return, as their tax is collected via the PAYE system. However, millions of Britons are now either fully self-employed or earn part of their income on a self-employed basis - which means you do need to fill out a tax return.

Even with the best of intentions and a lifetime experience, filling out a tax return can be complicated and time-consuming affair. If you make a mistake or omit information, then you might be subject to penalty charges and will be under serious pressure to sort it out. HRMC agents are unlikely to be sympathetic to the taxpayers point of view.

Many people don’t fill out their tax return until the January 31st deadline day. But you can beat the stress with JustAnswer by getting a Tax Expert to review and prepare your documents for you. By doing so you can avoid penalty charges and remove the stress from your tax affairs.

Tax Experts on JustAnswer can help you with your tax return in numerous ways. If you have a complex question that needs some explanation, you can upgrade to a phone call - enabling you to beat the long HMRC waiting times. Online accountants can also review your papers to ensure everything is correct and prepare your return documents and supporting information.

From straightforward questions about income and profit, NIC contributions, to complex queries about where to put income from lettings, or overseas payments, TaxExperts on JustAnswer can help you get the answers you need quickly and affordably.

Make sure you get your tax return done correctly by speaking to an accountant today.