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Overcome life’s obstacles with JustAnswer

Overcome life’s obstacles with JustAnswer

Overcome life’s obstacles with JustAnswer

By Monica on 09 August, 2016

Many of us spend time and money taking care of our bodies, out running, at the gym, or with regular swimming. But how much care do we take of our minds? Yet, our minds are the real engine of happiness in our lives. 

Dealing with stress is one of the most common pressures in our modern, everyday lives. With pressures of work, family and general “keeping up”, we can end up worn to a frazzle or even suffering a breakdown. Stress, if not dealt with, can also have strong physical effects on the body, leading to long-term physical problems down the line.

How can I deal with stress?

One way of dealing with workplace stress is cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT. This counselling approach works because it gives people practical tools and strategies to cope with stresses – and steer them away from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overworking, alcohol or smoking. CBT is designed to help people find effective, long-term solutions to managing stress. 

If you feel your workplace stress is unresolvable, perhaps because of the nature of the job, or perhaps because your employer does not take stress seriously, CBT can even help with your decision-making around the next path to take.

CBT works by focusing on your thoughts and attitudes affect behaviour.  For example, it works to lift you out of cycles of negative thinking leading to possibly destructive behaviour.

If you are feeling stressed, and feel you might benefit from CBT, your GP will be able to refer you to a suitable practitioner. JustAnswer can also help, with qualified wellbeing, counselling and medical Experts available 24/7 to provide tailored support and answer your questions, whether about CBT or stress particularly, or general happiness. 

And all from the comfort of your own home!