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Revive Your New Year’s Resolutions with JustAnswer

Revive Your New Year’s Resolutions with JustAnswer

Revive Your New Year’s Resolutions with JustAnswer

By Monica on 23 August, 2016

Remember how determined you were in January to improve your life? You can still do it!

Many of us make a fitness resolution in January, after our Christmas excesses. But by the summer, our resolutions have often fallen by the wayside.

 Here are five ways to build exercise into your life, so that you can revive and keep your resolution.

1) Choose a form of exercise you enjoy. If you like swimming, there’s no point in deciding you’ll go to the gym three times a week – it’ll be very hard to keep to that.

2) Routine. If you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine, it’ll be much easier to keep that resolution. Once you’re in the habit of exercise, you won’t even need to think about doing it.

3) Set realistic targets. If you’re busy, you’re unlikely to be able to fit in three hours of running every day. A smaller target of just half an hour a day will be much more doable.

4) Rope in a friend or family member.  Exercise is more fun when you have a friend to do it with. You can create a bit of competition, and you have built-in support for those moments of wavering.

5) Change your routine so that you HAVE to exercise. For example, arrive at work a bit early so you can take the stairs rather than the lift; or park a bit further away so you have to walk.  Every little helps!

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