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Swing into Spring with JustAnswer

JustAnswer Home Improvement

JustAnswer Home Improvement

Swing into Spring with JustAnswer

By Monica on 04 April, 2016

Get a head start on your life this spring with our tips for a tidy home and a healthy body

Home - Spring Clean

We asked Marc, one of the home improvement Experts, for his best spring cleaning tips.  His plan?  Wage war on dust.

In winter we tend to keep doors and windows shut, and dust accumulates.  Here’s how to get rid of it:

  1. Vacuum and mop the floors. Move furniture to get into corners and other areas where dust builds up.
  2.  Clean in and around heaters and radiators. If you have radiators in your house make sure to vacuum the inside of the radiator. Not only will this improve the air quality, but it will also increase heat output from the radiator.
  3.  Vacuum and dust all furniture including sofas and mattresses to get rid of dust mites—tiny microscopic creatures that can live in our furniture and actually cause allergies.
  4.  Wash the walls, windowsills, and any other woodwork such as skirting boards in your house where dust tends to build up.
  5.  Lastly, don’t forget to de-cobweb your corners and dust out your ceiling lights.

Removing dust will not only make your house feel cleaner, it will improve air quality and help with your allergies – and more intangibly, your clarity of mind.

Want to go beyond spring cleaning?

JustAnswer has four easy ways to brighten and modernise your home this spring.

  1. Paint – inexpensive and easy to use, a new coat of paint can make your house look as good as new.  Inside or outside, covering whole rooms or feature walls, new paint on furniture – there is so much you can do with paint!  To give a room a cohesive feel, stick to the 60-30-10 rule of thumb: 60 percent dominant colour, 30 percent feature colour and 10 percent touches of a third colour. Limiting the number of colours in a room can make the space feel bigger and calm the eye, especially in smaller living spaces.
  2. Fabric – yet another affordable and playful fix is to choose some new cushions or throws –either in bold patterns or in simple colours that play to your room’s colour scheme. Have an old sofa or chair with outdated upholstery? A giant piece of silk, cotton or wool in a colour or pattern you love is going to cost a whole lot less than a new sofa.   For your kitchen and bathroom, new towels will not only add new colour to your home, but will feel fresh and new when you use them.
  3. Floors - rugs are your friend here, and they can really change a room.  Home stores like IKEA carry large rugs at decent prices. For a more modern approach, you can purchase rug tiles online in a variety of colours and patterns that can be mixed and matched for a subdued, modern or dramatic effect.
  4. Fixtures - if you’re able and willing to spend a little bit of money, the best bang for your buck is going to be updating fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.  Updating outdated taps, towel rails and door handles are easy ways to make a noticeable difference to your kitchen or bathroom.

Working on a project?  Work alongside JustAnswer’s Home Improvement Experts to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Health -  Do you have a cold, or are your allergies playing up?

Sometimes one of the first signs of spring can be itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing or other symptoms.  You might think you have a cold – but you might also be suffering from the first signs of allergy.

How to tell the difference between a cold and allergies:

  1. The primary way to distinguish between a cold and allergies is duration. Colds usually run their course anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. If symptoms persist past that, you might be experiencing allergies and should consider talking with a doctor about your symptoms.
  2.  Sore throats are a more common symptom of a cold.  You can suffer from a sore throat with allergies if you are experiencing a nasal drip, but overall, a sore throat is much more likely to be a symptom of a viral infection. 
  3.  Fevers are more indicative of colds than allergies. Low-grade fevers are possible with allergies but are uncommon.
  4.  Nasal discharge with colds tends to be a yellow or greenish color, whereas allergies produce higher level of clear mucus or discharge.

If you’re worried about your cold or allergy symptoms, JustAnswer’s Medical Experts can help.

Don’t let your allergies drag you down this spring.

Are your allergies playing up?

JustAnswer’s Medical Experts suggest the following remedies:

  1. Start with a simple antihistamine such as cetirizine (brand name Zirtek), or Benadryl – both can be prescribed or bought over the counter.
  2.  If your eyes are sore, try a soothing eye-wash, or head to your doctor for some antihistamine eye-drops.
  3.  For congestion, doctors on JustAnswer suggest trying Sudafed according to the stated dose, or, if very bad, try your doctor who will be able to prescribe something stronger.
  4.  If your allergies cause wheezing, again, your doctor should be able to help, perhaps with an inhaler.

If you want to run your symptoms past a doctor quickly, in your own home, JustAnswer’s Medical Experts are available 24/7 to help you.

Start your spring the best way, alongside JustAnswer’s community of Experts.