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How to Beat the Taxman - Legally

How to Legally Beat the Taxman

By Daniel on February 07, 2017

Everyone knows that the only two things certain in life are death and taxes - and most people are happy to pay...

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Top five financial moves you can make before the end of 2016

By Monica on December 08, 2016

Holiday season usually puts a big stretch on people’s finances. In today’s post we give a few simple moves you can make to ease that pressure and...

 Get back on track in 2017 with money saving tips you NEED to know

5 money saving travel tips for 2017

By Monica on December 01, 2016

An estimated 75% of Britons go over budget during the festive season, leaving many people dipping into their savings in the New Year....

Saving for your retirement - Ask JustAnswer

Saving for your retirement

By Monica on May 31, 2016

We will all need money in retirement, when we may no longer be able or want to work. Figures show that millions of people in the UK are not saving...