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 Valentine's Day - All About Your Relationship

Valentine's Day - Talk About Your Relationship.

By Monica on January 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in other cultures. In Japan, the celebration is about spoiling the man, rather than the woman...

Father´s Day - JustAnswer

What to do for Father’s Day

By Monica on June 13, 2016

Do you want to celebrate Father’s Day, but get stuck on what to do or what to buy? We have some great suggestions for you!


Relationship advice - JustAnswer

7 signs that a couple is ready to tie the knot

By Monica on May 17, 2016

Wedding season is upon us!   Many people find they go from wedding to wedding from late May to early September – and sometimes that can get people...

Addressing family conflicts - JustAnswer

Addressing family conflicts

By Monica on January 27, 2016

Family conflicts are often the source of problems both individually and as partners.  Too often in couples therapy serious difficulties appear...

How to cope with Valentine’s Day JustAnswer - JustAnswer

How to cope with Valentine’s Day

By Monica on January 25, 2016

JustAnswer Expert CoachJenK takes over today to discuss Valentine...