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Tips for being a good host this holiday season

Tips for being a good host this holiday season

Tips for being a good host this holiday season

By Monica on 24 November, 2015

At JustAnswer we are ready for the approaching holiday season, and we want to share with you some tips that we've found to be very helpful during this busy time.   Dinners with friends, with colleagues and especially with the family, both in our own home and away - the holiday season is arriving.   Make sure it's one to remember by being a  good host, with these small, tried and tested, original tips:

Plan ahead for the number of guests and design a seating plan and space around the table to make sure they are comfortable.

• Place mementos associated with guests at each place for a bit of fun and to show them you care about them.
• Advise your guests of the best ways to get to you, the most appropriate method of transport, and where to park their cars.
• Create a beautiful setting with fresh, simple or pastel colours.  Fresh flowers are always recommended.
• Avoid discussing heated issues, like politics and religion. Make a list of fun and cheerful items to talk about and gradually introduce each topic to get conversation going.  
• Note the colour of food, for example, green is associated with vegetables, therefore healthy food. Avoid anything blue, as it won’t look natural.
• Be original with the menu.  Not improvisational, but original.
• When setting the table, don’t forget to arrange cutlery for each course from the outside, going in.
• Pets, however well-behaved, should be kept in another room to make sure that all your guests feel at ease.
• Do not forget to make a toast at the end, and above all…enjoy!

With these tips, we guarantee that you will be the best host for this year.s festivities. Do not hesitate to put them into practice, and if you have any questions, contact the Experts at JustAnswer.