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What to do for Father’s Day

Father´s Day - JustAnswer

What to do for Father’s Day

By Monica on 13 June, 2016

Do you want to celebrate Father’s Day, but get stuck on what to do or what to buy? We have some great suggestions for you!


You don’t have to spend a lot on your loved ones to let them know you love them.  A simple, thoughtful gift is much better than a lavish offering that doesn’t pay attention to what they like. Consider what your dad would like, or need, before buying.

You could also start thinking about your gift in advance – which means you won’t be suckered into buying a quick package from the supermarket at the last minute.  

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out some of the many gift guides online. This year, we like the idea of beer soap or gin and tonic shower gel – unusual and manly.  


Time is the most precious gift you can give a loved one.  How often do you see your dad? A phone call or a visit will really make his day.

You could combine time and gift by offering a home-made voucher to help him do something – an hour of gardening, or a proper hand car wash, will likely go down well.

Make sure your time is quality time.  No-one likes to feel they’ve been visited/called as part of a checklist of duties.


If you can, suggest a proper lunch or day out. Pubs are nearly always family-friendly now on a Sunday; and all across the country there are hundreds of activities that your dad – and you – might enjoy.     

If your dad is stuck in the office most days, you could organise a hike or bicycle hire to get him out and about.  

If you’re looking for a proper boys’ day out, you could try something really action-packed, like go-karting, or for something more relaxed, a day at a golf course is always fun.

Most regions will have a variety of local activities to get involved in on Father’s Day – you could also check out some of these. 


All in all, Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to reset, firm up and celebrate your relationship with one of the most important men in your life – your dad.

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